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I'll give you a warmer welcome when the graphics are back up. ??????????????

But sky is an awesome person. Welcome sweetems.

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dd, the graphics are fine.

Try clearing your browser cache - something's not loading right for you.

If that doesn't work, log out, close the browser, restart the browser and log back in.


Thank you for the welcome dd!! I'm here. Just getting used to the boards. I'll keep my reply short. I'm trying to add my little avatars and what not to my stuff here....forgetting how to do that from my previous board. So until I get the full hang of this and just where the pic. is going to show up, etc.....I'll play around a bit more before I do a full intro!

For now...hello all...I'm Sky! ;)

well....looks like I have things down so far...just need to get my 2nd pic added in under my signature and I'll be good to go. But we have family visiting now this I'll have to come back later!! :p


ALRIGHT, see sky the admin helped me with the site. WE don't see that ahem, elsewhere do we???? :hair: :pffttt: :whistle:

Welcome welcome welcome

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do Lets get the rest of the gang here now???? :bad::

:wave: :clap: :flowers: :welcome: :yahoo:

Of course lil kayty is here too. yippee


Thank you for the warm welcomes everyone!

An intro huh?!

Well lets see. I'm 31. I'm married to a WONDERFUL man 10 years on the 30th of this month!! Together we have two daughters (ages 7 yrs. and 5 yrs.). I'm a stay-at-home mom. And I do manage to stay incredibly busy! That'd be that OCPD shining through in me! I'm a control person! I'm a neat freak...have a need to keep my environment neat, clean, and in order...I'm ALWAYS cleaning...organizing, etc.! You may not get that from my post style...but I'm always in a hurry so when I post I don't care about typos or how my paragraphs are organized....but in my everyday life and so forth...I'm HIGHLY organized. You should see my shelves, etc.!!
I am diagnosed as dealing with cyclothymia and OCPD. You'll see me posting on the board for various things....I was molested as a young child by an older sibling....I feel I have a good grip on that but I can offer support to others ....I used to cut in my teen years...been through the whole suicide ideation...attempts, etc. in my early teens/early 20s....cutting, etc. So another area I can talk on here......
I lost a DEAR DEAR friend to suicide 14 years ago this past June....obviously there is lots I can share here on dealing with that.........hmmm......what else? I suffer from bulimia.....I go up and down with that......another area I can talk on but also I obviously am here to get support on...................I deal with anger issues.....I'll be posting here in support and advice for this!...............

I guess as I post on the boards you'll come to know me no doubt. I've been through a lot in my years.....been in and out of counseling....I feel I'm at a pretty ok point with what I have had to come through in my life. I feel I have things I can offer people here...but obviously I'm not "home free" in what I struggle with so I know there is much I want to learn here and hope to gain from others here as well in this support community. Like anyone...I have my good days and my down days in the things I have to go through. I'm looking forward to posting here and not only sharing...but getting to know others and learning from what you have to share in your own stories.

Hugs to all,
:welcome: hello sky i just wanted to say welcome to psychlinks. this is a great forum with lots of support so i hope you'll feel at home here. looking forward to your insights as well. :wave:


Hey "BC"!

Thank you for the welcome! This is the first new board I've been on in 3 years. I've only been on one other board and have been there exclusively for 3 years. Please bear with me all as I venture out here...get to know your forums, etc. I look forward to talking with everyone and sharing, gaining and giving support.

Healing hugs,


Hi Holly,

thank you......Had to change my graphics a bit....lost the one fairy that I wouldn't hold. Bummer! Oh well...try another I guess!!

"tte"...thank you for your welcome as well!!

Guess it's time I venture out a bit here huh....I've been moderating on another board for 2 think I could handle it! I'm a bit I said...I've been at that board soley for 3 years (moding for 2)'s all I've I'm a bit nervous about getting started anywhere else I guess!! Little scary feeling like you have to start all over w/ new people...telling your story for the first time all over again, etc. ;) Well...time to just jump in and check things out I guess!!!


Hey Sky

Welcome to the forums. I'm so glad to see you here. I missed ya. You will be just fine hun. Once you get the hang of this it will be a piece of cake. ;)


just mary

Hi Sky,

Welcome to Psyclinks. :)

It's nice to have you here. I look forward to hearing more from you, glad you're here. :)

Take care and bye for now,
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