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If I barely breathe, then I wonder if it will hurt less. I am so depressed right now and just hurting. It seems to hurt even to move or breathe. I guess depression has real physical symptoms? Or is that all in my mind?


Hi Janet,

Depression definitely has some very real physical symptoms. Your doctor can help you with some medications to help alleviate some of the physical pain, so I'd encourage you to check with him/her if they don't get better. Don't let them linger - that just makes everything harder. There is help available for them (wow I sound like a commercial there lol). :hug:
Thanks, BG. I never thought of asking my doctor about the physical pains. I see her in about a week so I'll write that on my list.


I tend to ignore physical pain but I'm really aware of this constant pain and I know it's related to the depression.
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