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I feel like I'm driving myself crazy I have so much running through my head I just want to explode To many racing thoughts, I often thought about not want to be here on earth :roll: I'm so pathetic I can't even figure out my own problems I'm confused and lost as I was when i was with my psychologist yesterday. I feel like I could go run really fast but that's not going to happen seeing how my leg is still broken and I'm back in my walking boot. :( I just wish everything would go away. I want to go to sleep
Wow this is going to be a great conversation with myself. Oh what the heck. I absolutely do not feel like myself I feel dead, numb, nothing should matter anymore. I'm having a pity party with myself. ha ha. nothing I'm saying is going anywhere so i'll shut up

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I have so much running through my head I just want to explode Too many racing thoughts

I absolutely do not feel like myself I feel dead, numb, nothing should matter anymore

Why do you think this is happening? or happening now? Are you alternating between these two states? They seem somewhat contradictory...
Im not sure. Maybe its just to much for me to handle The Racing Thoughts I mean. Some times I just want to give up everything because I can't handle it. I don't know why this is happening. Im stumped
Its weird I felt very unsafe driving my suv. I couldn't concentrate I thought I was going to hit some one. people here tend to mjust walk out in the street.
Sometimes I have these kind of days ware Iam like Iam now and it last for 2 to 3 days. I can never seem to find the source to these weird problems I have


Hi Lostchild,

I know for me that yes hormones and especially PMS can play a big part with how I feel. I tend to be on the verge of tears when I am PMSing or ready to rip someone's head off. It really can go either way. Even the people I live with know my schedule and can tell. I have come to realize when it is happening and just acknowleging what "time" it is and that these feelings will pass does help for me.

Take Care.


I not sure if my advice will help, if I am overwhelmed are feel like to much is going on, I write it down, look at it, and decide what is the underlying factor that is really bothering me! I have done that for years. I know that the writing it down helps with laying out the issues.

I also found that it was helpful to narrow the focus, and if something seemed difficult to write I would mark it, so I could visit the issue later. If that is helpful, that is one thing I have tried to do.
Sounds like a really good idea. Sometimes im not even sure what it is thats bothering me. I can be mad or irritated for some reason? But thank you for the advice
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