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Hi everyone. I have just finished my B.A in undergraduate psychology. I would like to pursue a career in marriage and family therapy and to be an accredited therapist by the AAMFT.

I understand the path to become an accredited therapist, and I know the programs in Canada where I can pursue that.

My question is as follows. I will do my Honours degree with Athabasca University (online), and it is accepted by the school(s) where I want to do my masters for marriage and family therapy. I want to do my Honours on a part-time basis and finish it in 1.5-2.5 years while at the same time working.

Currently, I am having a hard time finding a job due to the lack of clinical experience. I would like to get a job and also volunteer in the fields of mental health, counselling to build my experience while doing school. That way, in 2 years, I would have sufficient experience and hopefully the grades to enter the Masters program.

The reason I want to do this is because:

1) I don't want to continue school and head straight to Masters because the masters programs do require experience.
2) I would like to work and make some money since I am already in debt after taking OSAP for the past few years of undergraduate studies.

I view job search to be made of resume building, interview preparation, and networking. I have the resources for the first two, but I need more tips on networking.

Just to give an idea what I am doing now, I am going to go to detention centres for counselling for inmates, and I want to find other places where I can do the same.

It's really the job search that I need help with; I have plenty of experience working with youth and children through community programs, but not counselling per se.

Also, a friend of mine told me about "assistant psychiatrist, or research assistant" jobs that are not easy to get, but they are excellent in terms of experience and exposure to the field and the people in it.

Any insight and advice on the above would be appreciated:)

David Baxter PhD

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Your best bet would probably be to try to meet with university professors active in research in your area, wlthough even then preference will be given to employing existing graduate students.

The reality is that getting a job in a psychology area with a B.A. is exceedingly difficult.
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