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I have been doing a little bit of reading about OCD-spectrum disorders where we have OCD on one end, and Habit & Impulse disorders on the other. I also read that in the upcoming ICD-11 of the World Health Organization will actually include internet addiction as one of these Habit & Impulse disorders.

I am still yet to research the subject a bit more, and it is of interest to me, because I have been suffering from maladaptive addictive (or compulsive as Dr. Baxter says) internet use.

My question is as follows: even though there is still plenty of research to be done about the subject, are there specific CBT techniques, or even self-help books that have been written on the subject? Not only is this for myself, but I am very interested in the subject itself.



You have asked a question about a very specific subject, so those with commentary may not have logged into the Forum since your posting.

It's not a subject I am familiar with, though I am interested in learning more.

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Daniel E.
are there specific CBT techniques, or even self-help books that have been written on the subject?

Judith Wright on "soft addictions":

Neil Fiore on procrastination, which is one possible factor in internet/TV addiction:

I'm not really familiar with Wright, but I do enjoy Fiore and have written positive reviews of his books. I especially like the audio version of his book "The Now Habit" at

Also, what has helped decrease my Internet surfing time is listening to podcasts while I work or do chores. This way I actually get more entertainment while being productive.
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Thanks for your reply Daniel; I will check out the links in a bit.

The topic is still of interest to me, and the more I read, the more fascinated I am with it!
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