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hi i'm new to this site and i was wondering if anyone had ever incountered stomach/ gas intestine pain so bad like u had the stomach flu with all the extras that come with it. I'm sooo freaking out and worrying all the time and i can't get in to my doctors for a while. Any responses simular would be helpful. thank u


There are any number of things that could cause such symptoms, hon. There's no way to diagnose it without a doctor's examination.


if you can't get in to see your own doctor what about a walk-in clinic? or the hospital if worse comes to worse? either way, if it's hurting that bad and you're concerned about it go get it checked out- no use putting yourself through more pain and mental anguish.


I got so sick one time that I could barely move and I thought it was the flu. My stomach felt weird, but I didn't throw up. I got better within two days and then sometime later I had major pains in my stomach. Turns out it was constipation. The thing is you can never know for sure. It wasn't until I was x-rayed that they knew what was wrong. So, tell the doctor exactly what your symptoms are. I'm not saying to insist that they give you an x-ray, but it's hard to know yourself what's wrong.


Hi Redsiren,

If doc doesn't find anything specific he/she might want to consider irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance ... I've had bouts of intestinal pain that paralyzed me until they eased off. Could hardly breath and certainly couldn't move. My intestines seemed to be doing all the moving ... for me it was irritable bowel and then lactose intolerance was mentioned AFTER ultrasounds and other tests that came up negative.

So many things can cause intestinal pain from illnesses to stress ... Doc is the best one to diagnose whats wrong.

I know my own pain scared the crap out of me ... I thought something was rupturing inside me ... but not. Quite impressive pain EEK

Let the doc figure this out. Just tell all your symptoms ... the more info you give, the easier and quicker they can figure it out.

Try not to panic ;) but do see doc right away. take care ... ;)

My son feels real sick to his stomach sometimes. He was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and dehydration. He plays a lot of sports and doesn't like water and therefore gets dehydrated and then constipated. The combination of constipation AND anxiety causes him to feel really really ill sometimes. Sometimes he "swears" it's stomach flu, but it's always right before he's going to play a game or on Monday morning or during exam week.

Isn't there also some link between serotonin and our intestines???

I used to feel extremely sick to my stomach. When I was 17 I did the barium test and was told that I had "many tiny craters" forming inside my stomach at the top which were "the beginning of ulcers". Later when I was 30 and still feeling non-stop-sick, "they" found a gallstone that was actually larger than my gallbladder and so they just removed the whole organ as it was damaged.

The point is that for my son and I, stress and anxiety seemed to have greatly contributed (and still contribute) to our nausea.

Good luck and I hope you let us know what you find out from the doctor.
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