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Sometimes I'm surprised at the way my memory plays tricks on me....forgetting where I put my glasses a few minutes ago, or forgetting someone's name as I see them walking toward me down the street, creating a sudden anxiety as to how I'll greet them when we cross paths.

Have you ever experienced memory lapses that cause you embarrassment? Do you find more frequent memory issues as you get <sigh> more mature?


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Haha my mom and I just had this discussion. She was sure she was developing dementia as she could not remember the name of a certain type of cheese. It was havarti by the way :)
I temporarily misplace papers all the time - they are in my hand one minute and then I find them in a new "safe" spot - yikes! :confused:
Mom and I are going to refer to these lapses as "havarti moments"
My memory is really really bad. Names people i worked with for over 30 yrs i just go blank, cannot remember so i just say hi how is it going and hope i do not have to use their name.

It does get bad though when they approach me and i have to introduce them to my hsb . I now ask him to go away from me before they approach because of the embarrassment of not knowing what there name is

Glasses, keys, phone, i lose everything so i do think perhaps it is we have too much on our minds and yes the aging process is catching up perhaps
There is supplements one can take to help memory though like focus formula my hsb states it has helped his memory
I heard there are exercises to increase ones memory games to be played but i would never have that kind of attention

focus formula works well for memory i do not take any meds but hsb stands by this one he is able to remember names and numbers more easily on it

myself i sometimes use rhyme to remember things it works sometimes
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