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    Joseph Campbell, posted by Cat Dancer


Jan 15, 2006
I am a former retired counselor and have experience working with 3 DID clients. Of the 3 the firsrt one I believe successfully integrated the second one did not and the third one did but later split again and split is not really the right word. It was more of a power struggle of the alters to become actualized. I am curious as to if there are any forums or internet communities where someone with DID could go and share their stories. I formed a life long bond with most of the alters when they integrated and succeeded but a year later under stress they "split" again and they are all still in touch with me. It like I have 7 seperate friends on the phone but is only 1 person and they want to continue their individual lives as who they are and seem to be looking to me to validate that for them. I do not want to alienate them because i am the only professional that has their whole story. I just think if there was somewhere she could share her story with other DID's that understood the actual dynamics of this lifestyle it might help her a little.

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