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I had a friend once who who dig thier nails into their hands and they would get infected..after that she went to the sharp end of a compass and started to scratch her arms and hands till they were very red and most of the time got infected. She would always do this if she was upset over school and stuff. What should i tell her to do?

Daniel E.
When you know someone who injures themselves, the most important thing is to encourage them to get professional help, e.g. see a therapist.


I used to do a lot of self-injury, and with the help of therapy my behaviours have basically stopped. There is so much hope for your friend!! Remind her of that as you suggest help to her. Shes probably thinking that she's weird and not ever going to change. That is not at all true. It is so much more common that most people think.... it's shocking, actually. Encourage her that she can find ways to deal with pain without hurting herself, and that one day it will be a thing of the past. It's in mine.
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