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Some months ago I wrote asking for some help because I was very stressed and unemployed. I decided not to sue my former employer. I'm not sure how I feel amout it. The lawyer told me I had to ponder the consequences. In my country future employers can ask for info on your work background and when they find out you sued an employer...well, it?s more difficult to be hired. Besides, the appointments to settle an arrangement require time that I thought I shouldn't ask for to my new employers. I feel a coward! that's the truth. At 52 you cannot afford those many fights here.
The good things are that I'm about to finish my studies on translation and interpretation and I'm already working as a translator. My first problem there was my computer illiteracy but I got to learn what we need. Last week I handed a piece of translation that did not have a single mistake!! (Pat, pat)
Well, the next after that one did have a couple of corrections but I feel great anyway.
Your answers to my questions and your support were an important part of my trying new things and not disparing. THanks again to you all!!!!XOXO:heart:

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I'm truly happy to hear that, Elena. Well done! :)

As for feeling like you're a coward, don't. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, as they say. And revenge is sometimes best left to Someone Else.


Congratulations, Elena. It sounds like you made exactly the right decision. Now, you can get on with your life and building your future! :yahoo:
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