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Just wondering if anyone one else feels like this...
some days on my meds I feel quite normal no sde effects at all.
and then have days like today where I feel like I am very over medicated and uncordinated feel like I'm hammered.
Not a nice feeling.
Is this normal, is it the meds or the anxiety??


David Baxter PhD

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If I recall correctly, you started a new medication recently, so your system may still be adjusting to that.

Also, if I recall correctly, you have one medication where you can take an extra dose (or doses?) when your anxiety is high. It may be that on days when you do this you feel more medicated than others.

It may also be related to how much sleep you've had or how well you're sleeping, as well as to your eating habits on different days. For example, taking medications on an empty stomach may cause them to be absorbed into the blood stream more quickly, making you feel as if you got "more" medication that day.

Caffeine intake might also be a factor as to how medicated you feel subjectively.


Adding to David's ,line of thought, is there any chance that on the days you feel drowsy and uncoordinated you may be taking another medication such as an over the counter or prescribed pain reliever, or additional tranquilizer or perhaps alcoholic beverage?

If you have begun some new prescriptions, is your doctor and/or pharmacist aware of all other prescription medications you take as well as non prescription or herbal preparations you use?

The points David listed come to mind as well as possible drug or food interactions with your new prescription.
This has been happening to me for at least the past year. if not longer.
I sleep and eat fairly well Although I do have sleep apnea, l rarely ever take an extra dose of meds.When I do take my meds I always take them with food.I do not drink alcohol.I guess I will have to keep notes on my morning routine maybe not enough breakfast or maybe too much coffee??
Thanks for your reply

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