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Kendra's Law- more important than ever
By Treatment Advocacy Center

A recent investigative report by WABC TV in New York showed in the past 15 years, the number of inmates with mental illnesses in New York state prisons has grown by 71 percent, and that many of these prisoners have spent months, even years in total isolation, with virtually no therapy. According to Jack Beck, an attorney for a prison watchdog group:

"Often people with mental illness start their Southport Correctional Intuition sentence not because they've done some terrible act, but they've done some smaller act," Beck said. "But then, once they?re in this environment, that is so difficult for them to cope with, they start yelling and screaming and just being non-cooperative."

"Instead of having mental health beds, we have prisons and jails for the mentally ill. And that is the story."​
Meanwhile, Kendra?s Law in New York has had stunningly successful results- For those in the AOT program: 77 percent fewer experienced psychiatric hospitalization; 83 percent fewer experienced arrest; and 87 percent fewer experienced incarceration.

The continued use of Kendra?s Law ? a proactive approach to get treatment for people with severe mental illness before they deteriorate and commit a crime- is more important than ever.
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