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Ever since I first learned of this extraordinary man, I have been inspired by his determination to overcome his developmental inabilities.

I was reminded of Kim Peek this week when a documantary about him was repeated on Discovery Health Channel.

Kim Peek is was born in 1951 and was considered as mentally retarded until he was 34. Kim cannot tie his shoes, brush his teeth, or get dressed by himself but can recite poetry, play symphonies, tell you what day of the week the Battle of Hastings took place, and give you the ZIP code of any address in the U.S.A.

Kim is a savant who inspired the Dustin Hoffman movie "Rainman" and has blossomed into a person who travels the world, confounding scientists and showing us that a person with inabilities can overcome the obstacles of their condition.

Kim and Fran Peek, Kim's father, are truly extraordinary. Regardless of any inabilities that Kim may have, he and his Dad are out in the world everyday on a mission to make a difference. Kim, just like all of us, has things that he is good at and things that he is not good at. What is remarkable about this man is that he spends his time using his gifts, the things he CAN DO, to improve the quality of life for all of us.

Kim and Fran are on a mission. Inspired by a conversation with Dustin Hoffman after the movie ?Rainman,? Kim and Fran made a commitment to share Kim?s extraordinary message with the whole world?.a message of hope and determination?to live life?whatever your circumstances?to the fullest.
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Have you ever seen any of the documentaries about Kim Peek and what impression did he leave you with?
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