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My father is quickly dying.?

We have never been close, I am down to his house all the time to see my mother however, he has never liked me.?

I have reached out to him before but he told me he likes my sister better.?

So what can I say to him that will benefit him and help me let go?? Steph


Hi Steph;
I don't have any magic answers but when I read what you wrote, the only thought I had was "Forgive him"

If you want to say something to him (for your benefit, not his) you can tell him "No matter what you do or say to me or about me, I forgive you."'s not an easy option and maybe a tad idealistic...but that's what came to my mind. :)


Thank you Lana,

I went to his house and I did forgive him.

I felt a great weight fall off my shoulders and I feel ok with what is going to happen.

Thanks again, Steph


I'm very sorry to hear that your father is dying. That is very hard=(

It might be comforting to him if you assured him that you were going to take care of your mother and that she would be alright. Also, when my grandmother died it was comforting to hear people talk to her about happy times from her past so maybe your dad would like that.

Again, I'm very sorry and that is wonderful that you were able to forgive him-I'm sure you'll always be glad that you did.


Thank you, it is really hard that he is dying.

I don't have any happy memories with my father and I have really tried hard to think of even one.

I have always looked after both my parents and will continue to do so after his death.

Thanks for your support.? Steph


I just wanted to give you an update on my father.

He is hanging in there and believes that he will live a long time yet!? I just tell him "Go for it"

He is suffering with the pain and is in denial about his death but I am there with him as much as he can put up with me.

My sister came into town yesterday so it was a bit of relief for me.

Who knows he might outlive all of us yet.? ;)? Steph
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