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sometimes I find it so frustrating to lie awake for hours. in the darkness of the early morning. I have started to take sleeping pills but I have seen little change as of yet. I suppose Patience is a virtue. So I read,I write and sometimes I listen to music playing softly as my lullaby. I have tried to come here the past few nights when I feel really bad and I have suicidal thoughts. the night is when my depression is the worst. I try to cope the sometimes all I can do is lie there in the dark. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? How do you cope with insomnia? sometimes I just want to be able to sleep to escape the negative thoughts in my head.

~ Sylvia

just mary

Hi Sylvia,

Sorry to hear of your insomnia, I think I know how you feel, I could count on one hand the number of "good night's sleeps" I've had over the last couple of years.

However when I can't sleep at night, I usually find myself turning on the tv. Sometimes I find it is the only thing that puts me to sleep, it doesn't require much concentration, I can do it in a darkened room and it gets my mind off of things. I've also heard that just getting out of bed for 20 or so minutes and performing some other activity (nothing strenuous however) can help also.

Take care


Hi Sylvia, I understand. I have never really slept deeply and restfully--all my life?
Anyway, what sleeping pills are you on?
My GP prescribed me Zopiclone (that's the UK name) for really tough nights. I took one last night and it worked a 'dream'.

I find a warm relaxing bath, reading a light kid's book (into Jacqueline Wilson and Winnie the Pooh just now---!!!), colouring mandalas-you can print them off the web, or in a clouring book, writing all my feelings out in my journal, are things that have helped me.

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