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i know it must sound stupid but well i am going shopping on Friday and well i am not the same size as i was not long ago and well i am afraid that going shopping could encourage my eating disorder in many ways seeing the size i used to wear all the sudden being too big could just encourage me to go lower that i am not far from my old objective.. and with school ending more time to myself therefore i can go to the gym more often i have no schedule no routine to live by and i am afraid I am used to waking up the gym school then work than the gym now i have just gym.. and work...


Re: losing the rootine

Ashley: it doesn't sound stupid at all... in fact what i see is an awareness of a possible problem for you. But the way i see it, and i could be wrong, ( as i know nothing of ed's) is you are aware of what could happen and therefore you are in the position of choosing what you want to actually do. I'm presuming from your post that you do not want to go lower than u are, so u need to fill the time in with other things. A Hobby of some kind maybe, something that will take up those hrs instead of going to the gym.

hopefully the others here will have better ideas for you.
thinking of you..


Hi Ashley,

After reading your post the first thing that I thought of was to take someone shopping with you (someone who understands your E/D) and after you choose the item that you like, let them pick out the size for you and maybe you won't look at it. That way you wouldn't know what size you are trying on. I don't know if that will work but it might be something to consider.

I also think that NSA's idea of a hobby (besides the gym) is a good one. Maybe if you could find something that you enjoy and brings you pleasure than you could focus some of that energy on that. Is there anything that you really enjoy that you can think of? I don't mean to say that you shouldn't go to the gym at all but create a routine where you have a set time to go to the gym and then you move onto the other things/hobbies that you enjoy. That way you are not focussing too much on one thing (the gym).

I hope that maybe this can be helpful. Take Care and let us know how the shopping goes.

Take Care
Hi Ashly

try taking someone shopping with you, that knows and understands your thinking pattern about eating and weight. Also, make sure that that person is someone, whos oppinion you trust, and that wont just flatter you. then, instead of using the mirror, (those that are so unflattering anyway, and never show you how you look to other people - (you know, when looking in the mirror your scrutinising, where as when someone else looks at you, your alive, ya know?)) try on the clothes and get them to critique you, i.e, doesn't sit well in the boobs, etc.

(P.S. it will help if you can get a person with all of the above, that also, has the same sense of style as you, lol)
take care
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