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Rosie, what you describe does sound like either PTSD or possibly another anxiety disorder (e.g., panic disorder) triggered by returning to the place where the accident occurred.

I'm not sure either, from what you've said here, why you might be feeling afraid to see a counsellor but many people are apprehensive about that at first.

I would suggest that a starting point might be to see your family doctor -- in the beginning, some medication might help a lot, and s/he can also recommend a good counsellor/therapist in your area.

Most importantly, I want you to know that you do not have to continue to feel the way you are feeling right now... make that appointment with your doctor...


You have power over this Rosie!
I believe this for you...even if just yet, you cannot believe this for yourself...

Something that helped me a few years ago...
a spontaneous song that came out at a conference I was at... included the words...

''your past is not your future,''...

sounds simple...ok...

let it go to your heart... ((hugs))

David Baxter PhD

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The thing is, the longer you wait, the worse it gets... and there's really no need for that. It's unlikely that they will put you in hospital these days unless they feel there is really no other way to save your life -- too few beds and too many people waiting for them. Also, in your case, it's not a wish to die: it's a wish to feel less frightened, and there are other better ways they can help you with that.

Listen to your friends. And don't be afraid to lean on them a little until you get through this. And you will get through this.
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