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:dimples: I finally have been approved for disability! I am soo relieved! Actually, I was approved last July 2006. I have saved every receipt from my O.U. Psychiatric Clinic for the last 4 years(ongoing monthly treatment), plus one from my medical doctor(proving depression and panic disorder) Family and Children's Services proving therapy and referral to O.U.Psychiatric clinic where I am now receiving psychotherapy for O.C.D. and PTSD twice a month!
I also saved every paycheck stub from the job I last worked to
prove that I cannot work. My attorney proved I started full time for only 8 weeks, and my hours during the rest of the time I worked then got cut to part time (12 or 4 hours a week!)
It took me three years to prove my disability because I have never been suicidal or hospitalized!
Yeah, Medicare! Medicare is covering the cost of my Zoloft(200) mg. and PRICEY and buspar which I am receiving for free as well as ongoing psychotherapy. I am visiting my psychiatrist twice a month to help change the way I think and Social Security does check on my case to make sure I am receiging consistent, ongoing care for my psychiatric disability.
The wait is grueling, but it IS worth it in terms of security, security, and security!
miss clean
(recovering cleaning addict)


Re: miss clean is finally aproved!

This is really good news, miss clean! Now, perhaps, you'll have the cushion you need to recover from your illness and move forward with your life. I'm really very happy for you. :yahoo:


Re: miss clean is finally aproved!

That's Brilliant news!!! Finally!! i'm delighted for you , miss clean..
onwards and upwards.. as i have heard on this forum somewhere..:)

just mary

Re: miss clean is finally aproved!

Just wanted to say I'm very happy for you also!! Now you can focus on feeling better and moving your life forward. :)


Re: miss clean is finally aproved!

I also wanted to say that I am happy for you as well. Great to hear that you now can focus on what is going to make you feel better :)
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