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Hey, I probably should have posted this first but when I first came I was in something short of an emergency.
Anyway, I'm not big on introductions but I go by Joey, I'm a 17 female. I have nothing interesting to say but, I'm asocial and have a lot of problems to see through. I will graduate in 2006 and plan to go to a university to major in Child Psychology. My goal is to work with children, maybe in a children's hospital. Someday I also want to start a small orphanage, where instead of being a place where kids go because they don't belong anywhere else, it'll be more like a family. It isn't intended to be an orphanage so much as it is a hope that I can someday afford a mansion to raise 30-some kids in--with some sort of help, of course. It's all far away but still, I dream about it. As for everything else in life, if I can start my orphanage, travel the world, and help children with psychological problems, I can die contented.
As far as family goes, I live with my mom and dad, older brother [18] and younger sister [12]. My dad came from a broken household, his dad left his mom when he was 8 or so. My mom was raised pretty normally though.
The reason I joined this forum was mostly because I needed help, I was on the verge of a suicide attempt and rather than invest the energy in that I went out to look for help. Here I am now, hoping I'll find what I need to get the help I've needed for so long. I hope to become involved in this community though, check up regularly for new posts and such. So, that's about it. Yeah.


We're happy to have you here, Joey. There are several of us who have gone through times of suicidal ideation, but we've survived and we go on surviving. We do so by sharing, by learning, and by working with what we learn from one another and from therapy and working with our inner selves. I'm sure you can do the same.

Welcome to the boards! :eek:)


Hey Joey, welcome to the board.

I am one of those people who went through that suicidal phase but came out a survivor. I went through some pretty severe depression and started turning suicidal when I was about your age. That now seems so long ago.

As ThatLady said, we survived and continue to do so by sharing, learning and helping one another. Don't be afraid to be open with your feelings here. This is one of the best boards I've found for this type of therapy. ;-)

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