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I just got a call from the hospital that my stepson's father has left the grounds of the hospital where he was staying. I have a very bad feeling that this will not end well. Last week he asked me if I could get the correct documents so he could create a new identity for himself. I told him that was impossible and asked why. He told me that he may soon have to leave as "plants" as he called them were going to assassinate him soon.

I honestly believe that we may never see or hear from him again. I think he seriously intends to disappear or worse commit a crime in the name of his delusion, or even hurt himself. He has not called, although there is a chance he may seek "refuge" here. I think that he may have left town, as he was obsessed with various out of town news outlets. Anyhow, I got off the phone with the police (who called us with the news) and gave them all the info I could.

I hope no one else learns about the outcome in the news [sigh].

David Baxter PhD

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If he has eloped from the hospital, he'll likely stop taking medication too. My guess is as his behavior deterioriates, he will do something (not necessarily criminal or dangerous but just bizarre) that will attract attention and eventually bring him back into custody -> hospital.
Well, he is now in the news. I took a look around downtown on my lunch but didn't find him. My worry is that he will not seek appropriate shelter, due to his paranoia. Also, if he has heard the media reports, it may fit into his delusions thus driving him further into hiding. Mid-November is not a good time to be without shelter. He has already spent one night AWOL.

David Baxter PhD

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That's good news. I highly doubt that he sees it that way but it is good news nonetheless.

Does your stepson have any contact withm him?


Hi Steve,

I wanted to respond earlier to ease your concerns somewhat by letting you know that AWOL or Absence Without Leave means that the police are looking for him and will bring him back to the hospital without him having to "do anything".

If he is AWOL then he has been deemed too ill to be out of hospital so the police are notified to look for him and return him. At least that what it means in Ontario, Canada

Glad he is safe. It is a worry.

Does he have a case manager or other mental health support people helping him out?

David: he has no more contact than the occasional phone call. He has not seen his father in person in about a year and a half.

@HeartArt: Thanks for the kind words. It seems like a member of the public recognised him and called the police. I think he may end up going to a more secure facility now.
He was aware of it. Sadly, he seems to have no emotional attachement to his biological father (his mother left him when he was 18 months old). I think his father is "dead" to him.
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