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Hi, guys. My name's Kat and I'm a senior in college.
I've been putting this off for a couple of years now. But its recently developed to a point that I can't ignore it any longer. I think I've lost myself somewhere along the way. My mind isn't my own anymore. I live i a fog, I can't function and I no longer enjoy life anymore. Everything is a struggle. About a month ago, there was an awful accident at my job and someone was hurt. The accident happened because I was distracted and unable to react in time. This incident just confirmed what my family has been telling me for a while now, I need to get some help. I realized that in the past two years I've lost the majority of my friends, I've started a painful downward spiral in school, and I've lost my sense of self. I feel hollow. I can't deal with anything. I've put off even checking my email for weeks on end because I can't deal. I use to write on a daily basis in the hopes of someday being published, I use to go out and practice photography, I use to volunteer and do things for the community. Now I can barely handle my job and school. So, I worked up the strength to make an appointment with a counselor. This forum has made me realized that I'm really not the only one who feels like this. It's so nice to meet everyone!
Looking forward to getting my life back!


Welcome Kat!

So glad you have joined us! You are lucky to seek help while you are still going to school and working. Some people wait until they cannot even do those things before they talk to someone about their problems. Then, they have more pieces to pick up. I hope you resolve your troubles soon.

Take Care


So nice to "meet" you, Kat. It's wonderful to hear you're ready to get help in dealing with the difficulties you're facing. Please keep us informed as to how things are going for you. :eek:)
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