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First, check your email settings in User CP | Options and make sure that you have selected "Instant email notifications".

If that is properly set, the next most common problem is your internet service provider (ISP). Some (like AOL) are more aggressive than others in filtering out what they believe to be "spam". As a work-around, make sure that you add the email addresses forum[at] and admin[at] (replacing [at] with @ of course) to your address book or whitelist for your ISP.

Finally, try manually logging out of the forum, deleting all cookies for, and then logging back in.

Note: At busy times, there may be a longer delay than usual between someone posting a reply and the email server sending out notifications of that reply. This is done intentionally to stagger the load on the email server.


Having performed some tests with my own Hotmail test account after hearing from Forum members with Hotmail accounts not receiving email notifications, it seems that Hotmail does see Forum email notifications as spam and does not deliver the notifications to some of its users.

The workarounds recommended by Dr. Baxter should solve the problem if you are a Hotmail user.
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