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:) ...,my dogs left the room while I was doing my solo in the living room the other night, so I took that as two "no's". Anyhow, my name is Rosa, I'm from California. I have really bad problems with depression and memories, but I'm working on that now. My bigest joy and what keeps me alive are my two German Shepherd Dogs- Shiloh is my long-coated two year old boy, and Shoshona is a plush coated one year old.

I don't have any 'family' but like I mentioned I have my dogs and I also have my Temple. My Temple family is wonderul-I just need to fiquire out how to communicate to them when I'm in trouble. I'm working on this and have recently arrainged to have more contact with them.

I'm Jewish, I converted about 10 years ago. I live close to the Ocean. My place isn't too good-no heat or hot water but I'm able to have my dogs and its pretty much affordable.

Well, thats enough for now. I'm really happy to have found this place. I've never done this type of message board but can see how helpful it could be.

Take care


Hi Rosa,

When I was younger I played the clarinet and whenever I played dogs would start howling!?

I would look out while I was playing and neighbor's dogs would gather in the front yard and start howling at the moon.?

It was pretty funny. Steph
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