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Hello Everyone,

I work in law enforcement and am also an undergraduate psych student. As part of my law enforcement work I have been called out 4 or so times to situations where a person has been reported running up and down the street turning on other peoples water taps.

In some cases these were isolated incidents while in other cases I had to return to the same person several times. One offender was to the point that he would rip taps and piping out of the ground in desperation to get the water running. These people are not content with running water in their own homes. They choose to use public or outdoor taps where the water floods a garden or roadway.

These people are not doing this to be a nuisance or to be antisocial. In each case they make comments like "got to release the pressure" or "it calms me". Some of these offenders had shown signs of stress or frustration at the time of the offence.

I would like to do some more research into this but do not where to start. Is this an identified disorder or obsession or part of a larger disorder ? Has this been reported or documented before ? and has anyone seen any literature on this subect ?
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