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Sep 6, 2007
i become obsessed with certain things.

right now it is to be involved, and somehow make a difference within my community (or the world if possible) regarding eating disorder awareness and treatment.

the thing is, i have had these really strong feelings about it.

like i HAVE to do something NOW.

i am not sure if this is just a normal need to fix/change things..but it sometimes worries me.

i become obsessed with finding information about every organization or everything related to whatever the topic is i'm obsessed with at the moment.

i woke up this morning and felt like i had to help someone. (people online trying to get treatment/funding for treatment for eating disorders).

i try to tell myself it isn't my job..but then i get so anxious...and i have to make sure i make every effort to try to help them.

i got more upset when i learned about a girl who is on a waiting list for the only eating disorder inpatient program in my province, and has been on it for 1 year...and she has to wait another.

it makes me crazy, and terrified that if i ever need help again, that will happen to me.

so that in turn, makes me want to alert newspapers, my MLA, etc.

but i have to stop back, and stop my brain...because i'll come across as unstable.



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Aug 5, 2004
Re: obsessions with topics/causes/people

like i HAVE to do something NOW.

As I like to tell my mother when she is stressed out from work, you don't "have to" do anything except stay hydrated.

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