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:):(:):(::(I am diagnosed OCD,PTSD, and bipolar II and I was curious to see if others are are also a combination diagnosis...
Don't dual diagnosis have one mental illness being stronger than the others? Like the ocd is stronger than the bipolar II!

miss ex-clean:confused:
Re: OCD/bipolarII, PTSD all in one

I have OCD, PTSD, Major Depression. I'm not sure about one of them being stronger than the other ones. At times it seems like one is stronger, but it's different at different times.


Re: OCD/bipolarII, PTSD all in one

Chronic major depression, Complex PTSD and mixed personality disorder here. 'Luckily' it's all connected so it's not so complex as it sounds...
well i am diagnost with PTSD, depression, E-d and OCD but i think wel lin my opinion ptsd caused depression plus e-d then e-d cause O-C-D
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