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To be released in January:


Let go of the struggle and obsess less. With this unique guide, you’ll find the tools you need to get unstuck from obsessive thoughts, overcome fears, feel more grounded, and live a life that truly reflects your values.

Pure obsessional obsessive-compulsive disorder, or “Pure O” OCD, is a subtype of OCD that is characterized by intrusive thoughts, images, or urges without any visible symptoms. These “hidden compulsions” can include constant reassurance seeking, obsessive regret or worry, and may involve avoidance, excessive preparation, and thought rituals. They can also cloud your judgement, causing you to make decisions based on fears and compulsions instead of your values. But trying to stop or change these fearful thoughts only leads to more anxiety and fear. So, how do you break this obsessive cycle?

Grounded in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and written by a renowned ACT and anxiety expert, “Pure O” OCD explains the cognitive fusion underlying your obsessive thoughts, and how it can lead to social anxiety, not feeling good enough, panics and phobias, and even other disorders—all of which then reinforce the fusion in an unhelpful, positive feedback loop. Using the five skills in this book—labeling, letting go, mindfulness, purpose, and acceptance—you’ll learn how to finally break free of the struggle, worrying, and avoidance that keep you stuck.

With practice, you’ll find that you can counter your anxiety and obsessive thoughts with your own, values-based narrative, and learn how to better accept your thoughts and feelings, so that you can proceed freely and purposefully toward a life that reflects what matters most to you.

Another book by the same author is The Worry Trap:


Daniel E.
To be released in December:

Don’t let OCD be the third wheel in your relationships! This practical guide will help you build and nurture the connections you deserve.

If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), you may seek constant reassurance from others, lose time to compulsions, struggle with unwanted thoughts and intense emotions, or act out in ways that are ineffective. These symptoms can put a major strain on your relationships—whether it’s with family, friends, partners, or other relationships. And you may feel alone, embarrassed, and ashamed of your symptoms, which can lead to further withdrawal and social isolation. So, how can you reduce the impact of OCD on your relationships?

Drawing on evidence-based practices grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindful self-compassion, psychologist Amy Mariaskin offers a comprehensive guide for managing your toughest symptoms—before they hijack your relationships. With this book, you’ll find hands-on skills to move toward what you truly want in your relationships and strengthen feelings of intimacy, trust, and connectedness. And finally, you’ll learn how to cultivate self-compassion, mindfulness, and curiosity—all while challenging the beliefs and behaviors that keep you feeling stuck in isolation.

If you’re tired of OCD sabotaging your relationships, this book will help you take control of your symptoms—and your life.


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Daniel E.
To be released in December:

Quiet your noisy mind—and find peace of mind—with fast-acting, on-the-spot relief for persistent, painful, and intrusive thoughts.

Do you have unwanted, repetitive, negative, or intrusive thoughts that are getting in the way of your life, keeping you up at night, or making you downright miserable? If so, you need quick tools you can use right now—whenever and wherever you are—to soothe the disruption of intrusive thoughts. This emergency toolkit has you covered.

Written by a team of mental health experts and grounded in evidence-based therapy, Intrusive Thoughts Toolkit provides fast-acting tools for soothing distressing thoughts in the moments when you need it most. With this take-anywhere guide, you’ll learn proven techniques to get unstuck from negative thoughts and feelings, adopt healthier thinking habits, and increase overall well-being. You’ll also find easy and doable ways to help you press pause on spiraling thinking, and in-the-moment interventions to help you quiet your mind before your thoughts get out of control.

If you’re looking for quick solutions to help you move beyond intrusive thoughts and improve your mental health, this powerfully effective pocket guide has everything you need to find lasting peace of mind.
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