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Would an ocd related problem consist of getting a thought in your head and not being able to get it out? A mild example would be like if you wake up in the morning, hear a song on the radio, and for the rest of the day that song is driving you crazy. On a broader scale then, say the thoughts are there for several weeks at a time. Would that be considered an ocd incident, and if so, how do you stop them? At present, I am on prozac 20 mg once daily, and ritalin, 5 mg. 4 times a day.

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You can have obsessive thoughts without having OCD per se. It's a matter of degree. Therapy would be more effective than just self-help. Some previous tips from Dr. Baxter for dealing with obsessive thoughts:

One of the things I try to do with OCD clients is to help them accept that there is nothing magic about the obsessive thoughts... they are not predictive... they have no special insight. They are simply the particular way someone with OCD worries.

We all worry. But someone with OCD has a characteristic worrying style which is given special significance and which functions to increase anxiety and the certainty of disaster.

You can learn to recognize this and reinterpret it -- there it is again... that's my OCD worrying style... it doesn't mean anything... it's just me and how I worry.

It's about accepting and embracing the thoughts and letting them go through you instead of fighting them.

I'm aware that this goes against much of the "accepted wisdom" about OCD, which is based primarily on response prevention. I just find this approach works better for many people.

anyone else feel this?

Letting Go of Obsessive Thoughts - University of Minnesota

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems most obsessive thoughts that occur without clinical anxiety or depression are about love or money.

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Thank you Daniel that response definately answered my question. I think seeing it in writing makes a difference with the coping issue. Knowledge and education I have found to be the best stategey dealing with mental issues.

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