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Hi all! I don't write much but i appreciate and learn a lot from reading all posters.

I just want to share a bit how i was very disappointed to find out yesterday that ODSP does not cover the $100.00 subsidized fee for a 14-week treatment program for anxiety disorders i registered in a couple weeks ago. I had already attented two sessions while waiting for approval by ODSP and will not be going back there following this bad news yesterday. (I only wish ODSP would have let me know sooner so i would'nt have been out of place when i attended the group).

I don't get it, i was fast-tracked on disability almost 5 years ago by my psy with outstanding diagnosis of multiple anxiety disorders, depression and cyclothemia. Why ODSP does not cover the expense of treatment for my dibilitating anxiety is a slap in the face... and counter-productive in my steps to get off disability to be in the work force.

Anyway, i don't make the rules and i don't have the energy and/or the faith to fight a machine.

Nevertheless, i'm grateful for the help i get from forums such as this one and i'm attempting for the first time a 20-week CBT. This aft will be my third session where i hope answering numerous written questionnaires will be done and over with.

Last night, i attended a bipolar support group which meets twice a month+. I'm looking forward to regular attendance to break my social isolation but i have some mixted feelings... I will try to express them later on if i can find the right wording. Thanks to all here!




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Hi Forgetremember,

Do you know what the appeals process is for that decision? You may want to ask who you go to, to appeal that decision and find an advocate to help you through all the red tape waters. You deserve to go.

I don't have too much energy for that kind of thing either. But I was wondering if you have enough energy for one more kick at the can, so to speak.

Hi Ladylore! I may still be able to continue the group, i'll know tomorrow (Thursday). I left a message to the group coordinator yesterday informing her that i had to quit the program after that disappointing call from ODSP. She left me a message today saying she really wants to talk to me so, i will attend the group tomorrow night and see what can be worked out. I hope i can continue the program making small monthly payments.

And no, I wouldn't kick the can with ODSP anyway because i didn't put all my eggs in the same basket with this particular treatment. I also started CBT (had a very productive session today), joined a bipolar group and a few helpful forums. I've been off all meds for six months now with my psy's knowledge. I'm seeing him tomorrow. He knows i'm trying out the hollistic approach with psychotherapy and varous groups.

I guess he'll just have to monitor my progress or lack of it. My ultimate goal is to get off disability and get back into the work force. Thanks Ladylore!



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ODSP = Ontario Disability Support Program

I wasn't aware that they covered any psychotherapy programs. As far as I know, ODSP covers living expenses and medications only.
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Hey! Welcome back Carter! :dance: Good to see you back David. :) I hope you make it a point to get more rest and help boost your immune system to better resist infections.

To make a small correction in answer to Ladybug's question, ODSP stands for Ontario Disability Support Program. It handles the living and medication expenses but it also promotes and/or coordinates comprehensive programs for clients able and willing to re-enter the workforce like job training incentives, work clothes allowances etc...

I called them up with regards to the anxiety treatment program and was directed (given the phone number)to the "Essential Health and Social Support Medical Team" which i assumed (perhaps i'm mistaken)is linked to ODSP. Obviously, neither one are helpful and i'm not up to being bounced from one to another.

I'm still hopeful i can make small payment arrangements for my anxiety treatment as i'm still waiting for a call back from the group's registrar and, like i said in my earlier post, i haven't put all my eggs in the one basket. I did attend my third session last night and even went for chit chat after the group with one of the members. Great group of one of kind fruit cake!

It's a big step forward for me to join self-help groups in order to break my isolation and get a grip on my "insanity". I'm not too happy with my psychiatrist however, as he's hellbent on pushing pills down my throat for cyclothemia which i'm not convinced i have. He's overlooking my longstanding debilitating anxiety disorders in favor of bipolar treament (anti-psychotic meds) even though i'm doing better than i have in a long time since i quit all meds six months ago and i'm taking the bull by horns so to speak by dealing with the underlying issues through self-help groups such as this anxiety group, another one for bipolar sufferers and a first time attempt at Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I won't be seeing him as often and will eventually quit going when i'm stable enough if in fact there's a misdiagnosis.

We nevertheless had a good laugh when we "tried" to discuss this during our appointment yesterday. He argued that bipolar people don't know they're sick to which i said that sounded like the clich? that crazy people don't know they're crazy. Well that got him rambling on at hundred miles an hour in a way i've never heard him do before in the 6 years i've know him. LOL I ended this mumble jumble by saying that at least since i'm off the meds, i know when i'm crazy.

Blessings to all,

josee you are taking charge and taking care of yourself! you should be very proud, doing all of these things. i had to laugh at your conversation with your psychiatrist, and your closing comment :lol:

on a more serious note, have you ever considered getting a second opinion with another psychiatrist?


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I thought the way you end your conversation with the psych. was kind of cute myself. :) An option open to you is to always ask him to refer you to someone for a second opinion - or go to your GP, tell your GP what is going on and ask him/her for a second opinion referral.
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