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I have discovered that right now at this point in my life I need medication to survive. I've been off a couple of my meds for several days now and my anxiety level is so high I feel like I'm choking with it. The only thing that's really different is the lack of meds so I'm assuming that they really do work. I've been reluctant to take them all along, but now I realize they've been doing some good, keeping that awful anxiety at bay. I woke up in the night and literally felt I couldn't breathe because of the anxiety. I'd forgotten how bad it was. It's okay that I need to take medication to function somewhat normally.


At times I guess you have to do whatever you can to survive the best you can. At least you sort of conducted an experiment that informed you of the helpfulness of the medication. I know what you mean about the night time, for me it is often the worst.
Oh cool! New kitties. :D They would sleep on my face if I'd let them. LOL.

Ohh, maybe that's why I can't breathe. They're sleeping on my face. LOL.
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