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OpenLearn from OU
Fri, Nov 23 2007

The Open University has just opened a great free resource, OpenLearn, to help share the wealth (so to speak) and there?s some interesting psychology related courses in there too which should be useful to teachers who want to broaden their knowledge or students who want to know a bit more about psychology before they trot off to university.

Some of the courses that have caught my attention are:

But there?s plenty more to choose from (full list) both psychology related and not. Why not try a few out today?

You can get more information from the OU site or there?s a what?s this all about PDF version :acrobat:.


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I'm presently taking the Psychology in the 21st Century course. :)
The O.U are brillant, their courses are well designed and set out, and on their full time courses there is so much help and support for people with health problems , thanks for putting this up David I might go and have a look and see if anything catches my eye:)
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