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Im getting really sick and tired of people not believing me that I am tring to eat and that I do. But when you have problems like this no one is going to believe you. My pdoc said well you are the only one who can stop this. Oh im sorry I a little confused and lost. Im scard, and no that its not a good thing, but then again I don't care. He basically was being a jerk.


Sounds like you had a tough visit with your pdoc. People have a hard time with people like us who don't eat even regularly because it's something so normal for them. I know what it's like for people to not believe me. Haven't found a solution yet, though.
whether you did or not, keep reminding yourself that you did, and that that is something for you to be proud of. Its an acoumplishment for you, and definatly something that you shouldn't let your pdoc diminish for you.
i believe that all pdoc are like that for the simple reason that some girls with e-d's will just say they are doing great so that they will be left alone in order to get lost even more and i guess that the generalise us lots .. ex: all anorexics are perfectionnist .. they all do this or that so when some try to avoid or flee them to lose more weight or to be alone that is how some girls react when in denial so they will sayi am eating more i am trying hard so please trust me so i guess yes he/she is rong to put you in the same mold but in another way he/she may just be doign this in precaution to keep he/she 's eyes on you to make sure you are really getting better
yours trully
a girl that understands how it feel sto have people drain your efforts to nothing ..
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