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Any ideas on how to avoid this?

Type the message in wordpad or notepad or something and the copy/paste it when you're sure you want it "out there" for all to see?

I post sometimes and then a few minutes later regret it and wish it would/could go away and by then it's too late to edit.

I was thinking also not posting while I'm really emotional is probably a good idea too.

I hope this makes sense.


Janet, first of all I think that when you are really emotional that is the time that you need to post to get the thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto the paper (post) so that you can be free of them swirling around in your head.

Now, I do have a good solution to your poster's remorse. I know what I have done when I am not sure whether I want to post something yet or not but still want it to be private is to send myself a PM. I often do that about reminders to myself as well. You can write whatever it is that you feel the need to and address the PM to yourself and it will sit in your Inbox until you feel you either want to copy and post it or delete it.

I hope this helps as I know it has for me :)

Take care
Hi janet,

I write stuff on paper first as I love actual writing find it easier that way, then I put it in a email to myself (bit like Nancys PM!!) theres been a few times when Ive been copying it to email that Ive decided to change it or not even post it at all for one reason or another. :hug:
Hi Janet :)

I get posters remorse often. One moment I feel comfortable about "putting myself out there" and another minute I'm totally embarrassed that I even considered writing something ---never mind posting it publicly!

Sometimes, if I am able to, I delete it. Other times, I tell myself to "stop" and I take a couple of breaths. Then I remind myself that I wrote how I was truly feeling and/or thinking at the time and that it is what it is. My thoughts and feelings are constantly changing and therefore, so will my opinions and posts.

Besides, sometimes I also have remorse for things I've said or done. And in those instances, I can't delete it. We all say or do things we later wish we hadn't. It's ok.

I recently heard the term "radical acceptance" and have been thinking a lot about it. I think radically accepting something means to accept all of it...good, bad, happy, sad, scary, unsure, confused, indifferent, painful, joyful, big, small etc. In terms of posting, I think it means that I could accept all my thoughts, feelings, opinions, stories, perspectives and recollections, exactly as they are at that moment. I felt how I felt, I thought how I thought and I wrote what I wrote. It's ok. Even if things have changed (which, they will) since I last posted, it's ok.

When I think this way, I feel a bit of relief instead of a lot of regret.
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