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Province funds autism moves
Fri, May 18, 2007

School boards across Ontario will have to offer specialized therapy to every child that needs it.

TORONTO -- The Ontario government is putting $6 million into a number of autism initiatives and is directing all school boards to make specialized treatment available in schools.

Education Minister Kathleen Wynne says all school boards across Ontario must be prepared to offer Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy to any child that needs it.

Part of the government funding will go toward training six to eight officials in every school board on how to implement the treatment.

Wynne says further training for up to 1,400 principals, educational assistants and teachers will be conducted over the summer months.

The new training and provincewide access to the specialized treatment follows recommendations from a number of autism advocates and groups earlier in the year.

The government plans to meet again with the authors of the report next month.

"The reference group's report has been very helpful as we work to ensure that children and youth with autism spectrum disorder receive the supports they need to achieve success," Children and Youth Services Minister Mary Anne Chambers said in a statement.

"Our government has been making great strides on several fronts and we are determined to do more."
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