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Do you know how much training that Psychiatrists / Psychologists have in bedside manners? I know they have a lot to cope with in their training but as an important part of patient care, I wondered if their training has improved over the years and which countries have a better record in this, as I've heard complaints about communication and respect seem to crop up quite often.

I'd be interested in your views.

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I've heard complaints about communication and respect seem to crop up quite often.

Would you elaborate on what kinds of issues you are referring to and in what type of environment and in what part of the world?

Are you referring to psychiatric hospitals for chronic care patients or general hospitals with acute care psychiatry services, or outpatient services?

Have the issues you refer to been observed by you or reported by others and do they involve physicians or other staff?


Kinds of issues - trauma counselling. I was severely attacked and trying to deal with the trauma of it. They just didn't seem to know how to deal with it and they told me that Rape Crisis were the experts in this field, and to talk to them! This I had already done after reporting the attack and they were extremely kind and helpful, for which I will be eternally grateful. It would be nice to know that the hospitals had skilled people available who were able to deal with all types of trauma, including grief.

The environment - general hospitals with acute care psychiatry services in the UK, but I have heard of these issues being brought up in other parts of the World, eg Australia and America.

I have quite a few friends around the World who have either first-hand or indirect knowledge of these procedures and some have reported it.

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