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Every so often I purge my house,that is to say,I start pitching out "stuff" I haven't used or seen in over 6 months.This morning I totally purged my kitchen cupboards.Threw out accumulated junk and filled two garbage bags

This weekend it will be my daughters room and playroom..It feels really good to clean,pitch and purge because it relieves stress and helps me to get rid of the old and focus on the new,and gives me a sense of satisfaction

Now when I open a kitchen cupboard,or a closet door,I can actually SEE what's in there,it's not dirty or cluttered and that lends it self to an uncluttered mind and life.

It's sometimes hard to get rid of old things that we have had for ages,it somehow becomes a part of us,but there comes a time when we need to let go of "stuff" both physically and mentally.

Purging yourself mentally is very much the same process as going through your closet and throwing away old,tattered clothes.You can think of past events as an old coat,it may have served a purpose at one time,and it's hard to let go of those memories associated with that coat/event but it is warn and tattered and no longer suits your needs,and so its time to throw it in the garbage.If you wear that old coat,you will get cold over and over.

Past memories that make us feel cold or sad or tired,also need to be thrown out,they do nothing but hinder our progress in life,they serve no purpose but to keep us in the cold dark past,when living in the now,is so much sunnier and peaceful and warm.

Wouldn't it be nice to go out and buy yourself a warm new coat?
i agree our surroundings affect how we feel. a cluttered house makes my brain feel cluttered. a tidy house gives me a sense of peace.

if only it were so easy to declutter our minds of old hurts :)
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