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Daniel E.
Hivelocity is the best company I have dealt with in a long time. They have very quick and friendly tech support.

David felt the same way and wrote this review on August 31st:

Need a dedicated server – reasonable price, superb support? Try Hivelocity


Disclaimer: I host all my websites on a dedicated server at I am receiving no financial or other rewards for posting this review: I am merely a very satisfied customer.

A few years ago, I was looking for new hosting and stumbled upon As far as I know, Hivelocity does not offer shared or VPS hosting, just dedicated servers. You can opt for a bare metal highly customizeable server built to your specifications, or one of what Hivelocity calls “Instant Dedicated Servers“, which offer considerable savings starting at $101 USD per month with Annual Billing, which is what I opted for. I added cPanel at $35 USD/month and more recently Wasabi cloud backups at $10 USD/month for 1 TB (managed by cPanel) and I was up and running with all my accounts transferred within a couple of days.

I think the server pricing is very reasonable compared with their competition but that’s not the only reason I recommend Hivelocity: Their technical support is simply unparalleled. I am now managing two other sites on Hivelocity servers in addition to my own and my latest enhancement was to add the 1 TB Wasabi cloud backup system to all three. From initial support ticket to the first successful backups was a matter of a few hours. Over the years, I have used a variety of hosting, from shared to VPS to dedicated, and I can honestly say that my experience this week is typical for support at Hivelocity: fast, competent, professional, and thorough. I have nothing bad to say about their support. They are incredible and better by far than any other hosting I have used in the past.

Not everyone needs a dedicated server, of course, but if you are one of those who do or if you want hosting to cover new or planned present or future projects, I would highly recommend that you check out You’ll be glad you did.

Daniel E.
I also use Hivelocity's backup service, which retains daily images of the hard drive (for $29 a month for hard drives up to 500 GB).

For cloud storage of backups, my new favorite is BackBlaze (which I use for my Mac too).

For software-based server backups (to a second hard drive and the cloud), I also use these solutions:

(as explained to me by Ken who set this up for me, cPanel also allows for a one-line terminal command called "backup_restore_manager" to restore accounts)

(for more options for backing up cPanel accounts)

(for backing up just a Xenforo forum)
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