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I am taking Risperidone 8 mg every day, along with venlafaxine (150 mg), Lamotigrine (200 mg), Saphris (5 mg), and Buspirone (30mg).

My doctor at first said that I could take an extra risperidone 4mg. for the following reasons: mania or hypomania, or hearing voices.
Also he said that I could take a Risperidone 4 mg for panic attacks then he changed his mind. I would never take anything without his approval.

Is risperidone also prescribed for panic attacks?

I have been diagnosed with OCD, PTSD, schizoaffective disorder and traits of BPD.

I take a clonazepam as needed for panic attacks but can I also take 4mg. of risperidone for panic attacks?:confused:

Also doesn't this risperidone cause difficulty concentrating or also disturbance of attention?


For me I would ask my doctor and the pharmacist and if I was still confused I would go back to my doctor and ask again.

David Baxter PhD

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The fact that your doctor at one point suggested you could increase the dose in the event of a panic attack doesn't mean that it's generally prescribed for panic disorder. Some of the new atypical antipsychotics do have a calming or even sedating effect depending on the dose.

As Mari said, you should ask your doctor for clarification.
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