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Schizophrenia Digest is a Canadian magazine created by Bill MacPhee. This magazine now has a US edition as well. Here is the publishers biography (from site) and following is a link to the magazine site.

If anyone has an opportunity to hear Bill speak it is an opportunity that should not be missed. He is both entertaining and inspiring to anyone that lives with schizophrenia, has a loved one with the illness or wants to learn about the illness.

William J. MacPhee:

Mr. MacPhee was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1987. After years of struggling with the devastating symptoms of the disease, the Fort Erie, Ontario resident was able to regain control of his life through medication, family support and other therapies. Recognizing the need for an informative publication, he launched Schizophrenia Digest magazine in March 1994.

Mr. MacPhee oversaw the growth of the magazine to a quarterly full-color publication. He also established Magpie Publishing Inc. to further develop the magazine business, as well as expand into books and videos dealing with the illness. For his efforts, Mr. MacPhee was most recently awarded the prestigious Golden Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth II by the Department of Canadian Heritage in September, 2002. The medals recognize Canadians who have made a significant contribution to their fellow citizens, their community or to Canada.

Mr. MacPhee's ability to describe schizophrenia from his first-hand experiences has made him a sought-after speaker and he is often called upon to speak for mental health and other consumer groups. He now tours Canada and the United States giving inspirational talks about the disease and explaining its symptoms at meetings often organized by the Schizophrenia Society of Canada, the Canadian Mental Health Association, psychiatric hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Mr. MacPhee also raises awareness of schizophrenia through the media: he is frequently quoted by newspapers and has appeared on several television programs.

Mr. MacPhee has served on governing boards of numerous schizophrenia and mental health associations.

In July, 2001, Mr. MacPhee was selected as the recipient of the Canadian Mental Health Association's 2001 Media Award, honoring a member of the media who has made outstanding contributions to the coverage of mental health issues.

In the Spring of 2003 Mr. MacPhee is launching a U.S. edition of Schizophrenia Digest in response to the numerous requests of American sufferers and caregivers.


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I've debated with myself about this before -- I think it's probably better in the specific section since that's where people will be looking for help/information. The "Other Resources" section I see as being more for resources on related but separate topics, or for other forums.

Thanks for reminding me of this publication, Judy -- I used to receive it but perhaps lost it in one of my moves...
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