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my mother has been suffering from schizophrenia way before i was born and i know its not her fault she treats me badly but i cant help but blame her, i want to forgive her but i dont know how to make myself, what can i do?

David Baxter PhD

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How much do you know about / how well do you understand schizophrenia, miz? Sometimes, understanding the disorder behind the behavior can make it a little easier to tolerate.

Are you still living with your mother? Is she on medication? Does she realize she is ill and needs to take medication?
i dont understand much about it at all, no one has sat down and explained it to me or how bad it is, i knwo its some kinda illness where u think things that are happening arnt real, im so lost...
but no i cant live with her the stress was too much, she is on medication, sometimes she says nothing is wrong with her, but no she hgas never admitted to needing medication

David Baxter PhD

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Okay. Unfortunately, that lack of insight is common in schizophrenia, and it does make it doubly difficult for family members.

It might help you to learn more about the disorder and how it affects people. See this thread about the Schizophrenia Handbook for Families as a starting place.

I know in North America, there are support groups and associations such as National Alliance for Mental Illness and The Schizophrenia Society that help families cope with a family member who has schizophrenia... not sure whether there are similar organizations in Australia but I would expect so.

Do you have other family members that are able to be supportive?
my father knows we have our difficulties but no body relaly knows how im feeling right now, and if i expalined they wouldnt understand, ive tried and people just stop me and say its not her fault she iosnt well and dont let me finish

David Baxter PhD

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I see. Miz, I really think what i suggested above may be helfpul for you -- learn as much as you can about schizophrenia and look into the possibility of one of the families of schizophrenia support groups where you can actually talk with other people who are going through what you are going through.

HeartArt when she finds this thread will probably have some additional suggestions for you.


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My brother just returned from a month long vacation to Australia. He has done a fare amount of travelling and fell in love with your country. He did not want to come home. He said it was the best place he has ever traveled too so now I want to go. But...I don't like poisenous spiders and you have quite a few there.

My daughter has a father with bipolar and a brother with schizophrenia. It was vey difficult for her before her dad was diagnosed and properly treated. She was 15 when she was trying to sort through all of that pain. If it has been very hard for you then that is understandable. Whatever you are feeling is very normal. One book that she found helpful was:

Marsh, D. T., & Dickens, R. M. (1998). How To Cope With Mental Illness In Your Family: A self care guide for siblings, offspring and parents. 1st Trade Publication Edition. New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam. ISBN: 0-87477-923-5

Like Dr. Baxter suggested, learning about the illness is very important. Many family members describe it as empowering. It eases all of the confusion and the courses give you tools to take care of yourself. Some hospitals that care for people with schizophrenia also have courses for families to learn about schizophrenia. I went to one at my sons hospital and it was really good. Hopefully one day there will be courses online that people from all over the world can access easily.

These courses are not set up where you have to do homework. You just go and learn about the illness and meet others who share similar experiences to you.

Here is a good online site for you which is based in Australia:

Another site that is helpful to those with a parent with mental illness:
Click on the Offspring of Parents W/SZ to go to the board for people who have a parent with schizophrenia.




Here is an excellent resource in Australia for you. You may be over 18 but may find the information useful for yourself or to pass on to others. They would be a good referal to other resources for you as well.

Children of Parents With a Mental Illness National Resource Centre

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