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The following clinicians are familiar with the S.A.F.E. Alternatives treatment philosophy and have expressed an interest in working with clients who engage in self-injurious behaviors. In general, we do not have personal knowledge of each therapist, so your feedback would be most welcome:


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David Baxter PhD

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Self-Abuse Hotline

SAFE (Self-Abuse Finally Ends)

Provides recorded information on dealing with self-abuse and self-mutilation and treatment options.

CALL: 1-800-366-8288


I went to the SAFE inpatient program when it was in Illinois when I was 22 for a month, and then when I was 23 for a month. It was a good program...very intense. During my first time there, I learned to feel emotions again which is something I really hadn't done for my whole life. The second time, I worked more on techniques to stop the SI. It was very helpful at the time. However, I still SI, but DEFINETLY not like I did before SAFE. I just thought I'd put this out there to anyone who had any questions about SAFE in the US. I know they moved the program to TX and then to another state since I have been there. I don't know where it is now.
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