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Two lists of sentence completions are available at the web site of Nathaniel Branden, author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem:

Working with Self-Esteem in Psychotherapy: Sentence Completion


# If I bring more awareness to my life today
# If I take more responsibility for my choices and actions today
# If pay more attention to how I deal with people today
# If I boost my energy level by 5% today

Taking Responsibility: Sentence Completion Program (somewhat similar to the first list)


# I feel most proud of myself when I
# I feel least proud of myself when I
# If I give myself credit for my willingness to struggle
# If I give myself credit for my dedication to personal growth

Personally, I find sentence completions to be the best part of any self-help workbook.

Dr. Branden's site also has a lot of his essays and excerpts on self-esteem and self-accountability:

I can summarize the key idea here as follows: Begin each day with two questions: What's good in my life? — and What needs to be done? The first question keeps us focused on the positives. The second reminds us that our life and well-being are our own responsibility.
"Reflections on Happiness,"
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