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Should I tell/ask my therapist to look at my Facebook page? I feel like it will tell him a lot about my character and he can form questions or thoughts about what he sees?
Hey @Cindy.
You might as well ask them, or at least let them know that you'd been wondering about it.

I think it's possible that you're therapist may decline if they deem it to be an invasion of your privacy (e.g. I've previously read something where a therapist was concerned that they'll come across something you've forgotten that you posted and otherwise wouldn't have wanted them to see) or also if they don't have time to look at it in a way that would result in a thereputic outcome.

Another option might be taking screenshots from your Facebook of particular examples that you want your therapist to know about, or things that you want feedback on. And printing it out to take with you to a session. That way it's a smaller sample that you've given your therapist express permission to look at (so they know that you know what you've given them to look at), and it's not a long activity for them to try and complete without your input.

From my limited experience, therapists in general seem to prefer talking to their clients compared to reading about them. But you'll never know about your specific therapist's preference if you don't ask them. :)
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