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I have a problem with falling alsleep before 4 oclock ( at the earliest usually). It doesnt feel bad or anything, but i know that its not good. I can sleep during the day but at night i usually can't fall asleep. Then there are times like last night that i fall asleep earlier but then wake up extra earlier (eg. go to sleep at 1:30am and wake up at 4:00am.) thats what happend to me last night, ive been up since 4:00am and ive gotten off of wok about an hour ago. I feel lik ei cant sleep with out playing guitar, keyboard, going on the computer or building/takeing apart some sort of electronics.

I dont knwo what to do, ive tried just lieing in bed and tring to fall asleep and that doenst worlk.

Please help.



argh, I know what that feels like. has this been happening lately or since a long time/ while now? ie. is it a recent change in your sleeping patterns? sometimes this happens when you're really anxious or stressed or just overworked. Things like depression and other probs can be related to this too. Or just simple explanantins such as having the heat too warm in your bedroom or being too excited b/f going to bed.... have you mentioned this to your doctor? might be a good idea. There is such a thing as sleep disorders (chronic insomnia) and a doctor should be able to help you out w/ this... Have you ever heard of sleep hygiene? I wrote a paper on it once, it seems to have good evidence pointing to its effectiveness. Basically they're behavioural & environmental adjustments that you can do to control your sleeping env. and thus improve your sleep. You could also try relaxation techniques b/f going to bed... It'll probably take more than just "lying in bed waiting to fall asleep" b/c you're too focused on doing exactly that.

here's some links (google for more):

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i've been there too. Have you tried to read a book, take a hot bath, watch t.v. not in your bedroom, I herd that you were not supposed to lay in bed if your not tired. get up excersice, take a walk? You might find that some of these will work and some wont or none of them. Did you try getting on a sleeping medication. Remron, Tamazapam, Ambien, Resperdol (Antipsychotic) but they also use it for sleep, Seroquel, (another Antipsychotic)used for sleep, or over the counter sleep aids? Good luck
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