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I just need someone to maybe help. I started cutting when I was 12. I got away with it for 2 years without anyone knowing about. In the eighth grade, I got worse. Was doing it every day. I don't think there was an inch of my body that didn't have a cut on it. That's when my parents found out. They put me in the hospital and I stopped. Or so I thought....freshmen year I did a few but not a lot....last year I was good...This year, as my subject states, I'm slowly slipping. I keep wanting to. I have a few but it's getting worse. I'm having troble hiding the marks. Does anyone know some way that might supress these urges? Thanks-

David Baxter PhD

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Do you have a family doctor, Jubug? You haven't said a lot about your current circumstances or what has been happening in your life recently. However, sometimes, especially when it's a "relapse", this can be associated with stress, depression, an anxiety disorder, etc., and it may be worth talking to your doctor about that if it's an issue for you.
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