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...and why do we commend her for being so honest? Ahh, everyone who knows of someone, raise your hand. Perhaps the behavior is drug induced, not to worry, you can just quit.

I feed the birds. The sparrows come in and they are not there but three seconds before they leave in a flock. How do they ever get anything to eat? The doves are another story. They come in and eat all that is in sight. There is one who spends his time chasing the others away. He/she is fat and super aggressive. There is one that is more runt like that is chased away before it can eat.

I want to intervene. I want to shoot the bully and save the runt.

Survival of the fittest. It's not a fair game, but a necessary one. I watch with the satisfaction that the bully bird will probably drop dead of a heart attack. Sad, but I hope so. Why?

I am diagnosed by behavior that is not acceptable in society. What are the rules of society? Push away the runts, take all of the food, watch the sparrows fly away and trust that some unforeseen entity doesn't arrive with a better plan known as a pellet gun to even the odds, but what gives the entity the right? The runt will probably out live the bully, being able to fly much quicker and faster when the unforeseen neighbor's cat arrives. Is it the story of the tortoise and the hare? I don't know.

I don't think we give ourselves enough credit. As Desiderata pointed out that unforeseen good can evolve from what first appears to be bad. It offers hope.

Time after time throughout the history of mankind, those who were able to think outside the box, not bound by the rules, could dream and create way beyond the average. Those considered to be normal want to lock and drug them all up. Because they simply don't fit.

I know, I know, I'll go back to my birds.


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Heh heh Clancey... Yup, so many different kinds of 'birds' among us humans... Some good for one niche and others good for another niche... and still others figure out or make some sort of special or new or different niche of their own choice.... or ask why the right niche doesn't seem to exist right now, maybe it should.... :) Some people decide to make those questions and causes part of their niche, and that can be a great thing too. :) Nice that these variations are starting to get talked about and accepted quite a bit more now...also by so many high-visibility people who do have influence... expanding the awareness and compassion and understanding and options bit by bit... so that you do not always have to only 'go back to your birds'. :)

(Not that you wouldn't want to though. Birds are sweet and wonderful. Well, maybe except for that naughty mean fat one. ;) You're right... obsessing over the food so much and lugging his tubby self around... he's probably got a fast, stealthy cat somewhere in his future...)


I appreciate your words, Jo and you are right, why can't we feel open to speak? Why does it take a well known person to speak for us? Of course the cynical side of me wonders how much was Mayim paid to share, or was she?

That concept is why I personally feel that much of the battle is due to a severe lack of funding in regards to mental health and yet so many of life's problems in society is directly related, if not caused, by mental health issues. To give you an example, lets consider gun legislation in America. Someone buys an AK-47 and goes to the local mall to shoot people. Society blames the gun, after all there is far more money associated with making the gun the issue than the shooter. The shooter is expendable.

Back to the topic. Do you remember when Dr. Kay Jamison came out? She was a gifted Psychiatrist who revealed that she had lived her life as Bipolar. I remember the whole Mental Health community was in shock. She wrote a book and that stimulated others writing books.

So what am I trying to say, Jo? The stigma is due to a lack of abundant funding? I think it has a lot to do with it. When they figure out how to make a lot of money off of it, then and perhaps only then, will we be allowed to feel acceptance in a society that seems to misjudge us. Then again maybe it's a deodorant thing. There was no deodorant until some company convinced society that body odor was bad.

As for the naughty, mean, fat bird. I see three options: It gets eaten, drops dead of heart failure, or discovers Jenny Craig. Any other options would require an outside influence which I don't feel qualified to administer. Besides, I'd be destroying all of the fun.

Peace to you and yours.
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