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hi there,
well my therapy has been stopped momentarily because it is the summer vacation for my therapist in nutrition and psychology and well I have not been doing sooo good .. my nightmares and flash backs are coming back stronger than ever now with the date of the beginning of the events approaching very fast next week it will make a year the 24 th of august that everything began and my cutting habits have intensified every time i wake up at night from a night mare unconsciously and half awake i <self-injure as if that> would help me sleep and i am having a hard time to stop this. please help
yours truly ashley

Admin note: graphic detail detailed - triggering


Hi Ashley. My therapist is away too right now so I know how hard it is. I also suffer from flashbacks and have recently been getting nightmares again.

Ok, so you wake up, partially, and still feel as if you are in the nightmare and need to be comforted and soothed?

I have several suggestions--

~ have a journal and pen by your bed and write your nightmare down as soon as you wake up, that gets it 'out of your head'. you will need to train yourself to do this. but its something I've found can really help.

~ have a soft toy or cushion to hold. if you need to cry, cry, wrap yourself in a blanket and rock yourself to soothe yourself.

~ have a list of self affirming and comforting things close by. I used to have some of the things my therapist had said written down and pinned on the pinboard above my bed. (some of them are still there.)

~ is it possible for you to come online and post here or on another support forum to help you through the rough times? with the time differences across the world I'm pretty sure there's someone always here to listen. :)
I'm sorry things are so tuff for you right now...dreams/nightmares can be scary thing my sponser suggested to me is to write down all your dreams/ might be very surprised to see a distinct pattern of some sort...anyway I will be thiinking about you and hope things get better for's funny, everytime my therapist goes away everything in my life seems to collapse :) what's the deal with that...anyway best wishes and take care


hi ashley kate, i don't have much to say other than there is lots of advise here on the boards for things you can do other than si. i know how hard this is to stop but i also know you can do it.
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