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for the last two weeks i have had really powerful memorable dreams in which i know i am dreaming and control events every night. the dreams usually take place in the past and i am telling loved ones what will happen in the future. also, in the dreams i do things like put things in my pocket, write messages on my skin, and take pills, hoping to bring them into conciousness. also in the dreams i do things like smoke, which i quit twenty years ago, panic about it, then remember i am only dreaming.
is it known which aspect of conciousness controls dreaming? has anyone else here experienced similar dreams? can i work through my daily issues via these dreams? i know it sounds a little hokey. thanks.

i have not taken any street drugs recently but have struggled with addiction in the past. i take risperadol, trazadone and remeron at night, and effexor in the morning.

David Baxter PhD

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You may well be experiencing this as a side-effect of the "serotonin boosters", especially if you have been on these medications for a while -- vivid dreams are a known side-effect.
being john malkovich

Darn! I thought I may have aquired super-pychic powers or found a new portal!:~)

I am taking the max allowed of effexor. I'll ask my dr. about it.


David Baxter PhD

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:eek:) You might have super-powers too. I bet SuperGirl and Cat Woman were on Effexor too... such stressful work fighting super-villains all night...


What if I have daily lucid dreams and sleep paralysis, am not taking medications nor have I ever been, and have no experience with street drugs aside from marijuana (which I haven't smoked in a long time)? Could this be super-powers? :p
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