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I have always been a bit 'up and down' - I can be top of the world one minute and terribly down the next, usually with no aparant radon for this; I often feel really elated and 'high' but other times I am in the pits of despair. (I do not take anything to produce these 'high feelings' btw)

Due to promotion at work, and troubles with dealing with a heavy-drinking partner, I have been under a lot of stress, and sometimes even have palputations and a bit of shortness of breath. I can usually calm myself down though.

I would like to learn to deal effectively with both the stress issues, be able to detach myself from this, and to getmy moods in a more level position, because they are making me ill-feeling.

Any help or advise would be welcome, and sorry for the garbled post!!



Have you ever discussed your mood swings with your doctor?

Many people have experienced mood swings or mood disorders for a good part of their life but have been officially diagnosed later in life.

When mood swings are not totally debilitating and can be overcome with personal endurance, it may not seem necessary to report it to the doctor. However there are treatments for mood disorders that can significantly improve one's quality of life.

In addition when mood swings are treated, associated stress and anxiety disorders can often alleviated as well.

Others will likely have more insights into how you might deal with these challenges.
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