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hi, i'm new here. i'm 22yrs old living in ontario. i just wanted to join in the hopes of finding a little support. i'm having a really hard time coping and i just don't know what direction i'm going in. it seems like i've been stuck in a fog for so long, and i just can't seem to get out of it. i want to change my life for the better, but when i try something always happens. i started seeing a counsellor, but i've stopped going i can't remember exactly why but i just don't feel like she's any help.


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Hey cee-n.

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Have you considered seeing another therapist?

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Given that you posted this in the Depression forum, I'm assuming that the "fog" you mention is depression.

Are you taking any medication for this currently, or have you in the past? Would you consider trying another therapist who might be a better match or better equipped to help you?


Welcome to Psychlinks Cee-n :welcome2:

I am happy that you have decided to join our community and I know you are going to gain the support that you are looking for. I hope to see you around :wave:
Hello and welcome!

You mention things "happen" when you try changing your life for the better - could you be more specific? Because sometimes, at least in my exprience, any little thing can seem like this huge overwhelming obstacle - we distort it without even realizing it. Of course, when you're deep in depression, it's hard to care about anything and much easier just to give up. But since you mention you want to try to make things better for yourself, I hope you can muster enough strength to seek a new therapist.
welcome to the forum cee-n :welcome:

we can give you a little direction here if that is what you would like. i've found the forum to be extremely helpful and i hope we can be the same for you.
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